Parent/Staff Communication

The most important communication between parents and teachers happens each day during conversations at drop-off and pickup times. In our infant and toddler classrooms, a written report is sent home daily by each child’s primary caregiver. It details feeding, diapering, sleeping, mood, interactions, and play activities. Signs are displayed at classroom entrances each day notifying parents of any new information, such as a substitute teacher, a new child, a birthday, tuition due, or other useful information. Dry erase boards outside of many classrooms describe daily activities, and classroom staff are identified by photos and biographies posted near the classroom. A parent bulletin board is kept up to date in each center, notifying parents of child development issues, community events, snack menus, and more.

Parent/teacher/director conferences are offered annually and as requested by parent, teacher, or director. Letters and e-mails from the directors to parents are sent as needed to communicate important information. At least twice a year we send home our parent newsletter, The Shoe Horn, which is full of information about our programs, staff, and classrooms, and filled with photos of our children.

Parents are encouraged to drop-in anytime to visit their child, and are welcome to telephone directly to the classroom for information about their child’s day. Parents may visit or call directors to discuss their concerns. We never forget that YOU are the most important people in your child’s life.