Our Locations

North Bethesda, Bethesda, Rockville & Olney
  • North Bethesda

    Our newest center is in North Bethesda

    We have opened a new center conveniently located in North Bethesda and are accepting enrollment now!

  • Bethesda

    We have two centers in Bethesda.

    We call them our “East West” center at 4330 East West Hwy, Suite 110 and our “BCC” center at 4401 East West Hwy. We recommend that you visit both centers. Our talented staff members include directors, teachers and teacher’s assistants as well as Music, Creative Dance, and Language teachers. Both centers have playgrounds that are equipped with developmental and age appropriate equipment.

  • Our East West Center

  • Located across the street from BCC High School at 4330 East West Hwy, our East West Center is licensed for 118 children, including 4 infant classrooms, 4 Toddler classrooms, 2 Twos classrooms, and 2 Preschools.

  • Our BCC Center

  • Our BCC Center is located next to BCC High School at 4401 East West Hwy. It is licensed for 103 children including 3 Infant classrooms, 3 Toddler classrooms, 2 Twos Rooms, and 2 Preschools.

  • Our Olney Center

    Our Olney center is located on two beautiful acres of land in a completely renovated building at 16910 Georgia Avenue. The child care center serves more than 112 children from the ages of 2 months through 5 years.
  • Our Rockville Center

    Our Rockville location is located at 1375 Piccard Drive in Rockville. It is licensed for 115 children with 4 infant classrooms, 3 Toddler classrooms, 2 Twos/Threes classrooms, and 2 Preschools. Our Rockville center is a NAEYC Accredited Program.
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