Toddler Programs

  • Toddler Programs

    Part time and full time enrollment available

    Our Toddler program provides young children with multiple activities designed to foster social-emotional, language, and motor development. These busy little learners still have the predictability and comfort of an assigned Primary Caregiver, but are now on the same schedule for the day. They have meals at a set time each day together and nap at the same time. The teacher-child ratio remains the same as in the Infant program, so there is still plenty of one-on-one caregiving and individualized attention.

    Often, the Toddler program serves as a transition from “baby” to “big kid.” While in the Toddler program, your child will experience lots of changes. They may go from taking their first steps to charging across the room! Single words may change into simple phrases or sentences, and “I do it!” or “No!” begin to replace cries for assistance. The teachers develop lesson plans for the group with a focus on encouraging language and expression, independence, and support for fine and gross motor development. Each day is a mixture of free play, outside time, and teacher-led activities. Sensory activities are a big part of toddler life here, and are intended to work on fine-motor development through kneading, twisting and manipulating; language development through descriptive words like, “smooth,” “firm,” “cool,” etc.; and can be a soothing activity to help calm big emotions. Although the toddlers are finding their independence and learning how to do more things on their own, we recognize that they still need the snuggles and cuddles as much as the babies! Our caregivers love those special moments with the toddlers, and are happy to sit on the floor surrounded by these little ones.

    The curriculum in the Toddler program is built around the “Healthy Beginnings” developmental guidelines, which were designed by a workgroup of early childhood professionals to be compatible with the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) and the Maryland State Curriculum, as well as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). These guidelines are a resource for caregivers as they are planning developmentally appropriate lessons and serve as the foundation for assessing each child’s development along the continuum of learning. The Healthy Beginnings guidelines break down development by age range and encompass personal and social development, language development, cognitive development, and physical development. This enables caregivers to quickly recognize as your child nears or reaches a new developmental milestone, and plan activities accordingly to support your child as they gain new skills.

    We offer Full and Part Time schedules.

    Our Caregivers

    Our experienced, professional caregivers are carefully trained to help Your toddler feel safe, loved, and well-cared for. They understand the importance of talking to the children, making eye contact, singing silly songs, cuddling, and gently modeling positive reinforcement and communication. Your child will have a primary caregiver who performs all of the one-on-one caregiving routines (feeding, changing, comforting, etc) and with whom your child will form a bond of intimacy. Studies on early brain development stress the importance of a single, consistent caregiver for the majority of the day. This caregiver provides a written daily report detailing your child’s day.

    Toddler Environments

    Our toddler environments are rich in materials which encourage exploration, active, interactive, and quiet play. Once young children develop a sense of safety and trust, we help them to become independent and self-confident and to develop social, language, and fine and gross motor skills.

    Daily Routines and Activities

    Daily routines include morning and afternoon snacks, bottles and/or sippy cups, lunch, hand washing, and diaper changes. Our toddlers are excited to begin napping on individually assigned cots. Daily activities include story time, music activities, outside time, and lots of play with age-appropriate toys. Toddlers do art activities each day, using a variety of materials. Special teachers visit the classrooms regularly to present activities and experiences in music & movement, sports & fitness, and foreign language exposure. We provide cots, sheets, blankets, bibs, sippy cups, utensils, snacks and milk and water.