Twos & Threes Programs

  • Twos & Threes Programs

    Part time and full time enrollment available
    In our Twos/Preschool program we continue to focus on children’s social-emotional development by emphasizing communication and self-expression.  We begin to add elements of positive conflict resolution to help build children’s self-esteem and give them the tools for problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution.  The day is structured according to a Daily Schedule and includes time for free play, outside play, teacher-led activities, and of course, napping and meals.  The group size increases in the Twos/Preschool program and with their newly acquired independence at this age, children no longer require an assigned Primary Caregiver. However, as with the younger age groups, our teachers are always attentive and ready with a hug, a high-five, or whatever else is needed to help soothe or calm a child, or just to say, “I care.”  Small group activities are one of many ways that the teachers ensure each child gets one-on-one attention and feels connected to the teachers and the group.
    One of the biggest milestones that typically (but not always) occurs while your child is in the Twos/Preschool program is potty training.  We do not require potty training in this group or in the Pre-K group, and we do not dictate when potty training will happen.  Our teachers work closely with the families to ensure that when the time is right for potty training, we are all working together to reinforce what’s happening at home and to provide consistent guidance and encouragement.
    Our Twos/Preschool curriculum is a blend of the “Healthy Beginnings” developmental guidelines and Emergent Curriculum.  The basic tenet of emergent curriculum is that children will learn best when lessons are planned around their interests and things that are already familiar to them.  We begin to do more long-term studies of topics suggested by the children, or topics that the teachers have learned through observation and discussion are interesting to the kids.  The activities that the teachers plan around these topics touch on all areas of development and learning including language & literacy, science & math, social emotional development, sensory, art, and motor play.  Academics such as letters, numbers, geography, and social studies tend to flow naturally from the creative process of guided play and planned lessons. Our goal is to make learning fun and instill in each child a love and passion for learning.
    We offer Full and Part Time schedules.

    Self Expression

    Two & three year olds are beginning to develop more sophisticated language skills. They are learning to express themselves and they love it! We continue to model positive communication skills and self-expression (something our two year olds are naturally good at!). Soon we will begin to add elements of positive conflict resolution, which will help children build self-esteem and learn to use peaceful modes of communication in problem solving and conflicts.

    Twos Teachers

    Our teachers are enthusiastic, experienced and continuously trained. They are kind and nurturing. Our approach is primarily developmental, stressing social skills, exploration, discovery, independence, and creativity. Our preschool rooms are bright and sunny, and beautifully equipped.


    Our toddler environments are rich in materials which encourage exploration, active, interactive, and quiet play. Once young children develop a sense of safety and trust, we help them to become independent and self-confident and to develop social, language, and fine and gross motor skills.

    Potty Training…or not

    At this age your child may or may not begin to show interest in potty training. Some children begin to show interest and then forget about it completely for extended periods. Whether a child is two, three or older, our experienced caregivers are there to provide positive encouragement and support to the children (and their parents!) as they navigate the transition to a diaper free life! We provide cots, sheets, blankets, bibs, sippy cups, utensils, snacks and milk and water.