Our Programs

  • Our Programs

    Our Childcare Center Programs are a blend of emergent curriculum and active play using Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum and Gold Assessment.
    We believe that the most important thing we can do for young children is to provide an environment where they feel safe, loved, and secure.  Our philosophy is that children learn through play, so our days are filled with opportunities for the children to create, imagine, run, build, draw, and discover.
    Our lessons and projects are inspired and driven by the imaginations of the children and supported by skillful, knowledgeable teachers, who plan developmentally appropriate experiences based on demonstrated effective early childhood practices.

    Our approach is developmental, creating environments which produce secure, well-adjusted children, who are eager and ready to learn. We encourage emotional intelligence through nurturing, kindness, verbal interaction, positive discipline, and encouraging empathy and conflict resolution skills. Our classrooms are rich in opportunities for learning language, math, nature, music, art, and social skills through play, exploration, and the use of carefully planned, age-appropriate materials and activities.


    A Love for Learning

    We strive to instill in each child, a joyful passion for learning and a secure social foundation based in cooperative play, self-expression and positive conflict resolution. Academics such as letters, numbers, science, geography, and social studies flow naturally from the creative and exploratory process of guided play.

    Supporting the Whole Family

    The Children in the Shoe develops strong caring partnerships with each child’s family through daily communication and by listening carefully to parents’ ideas and effectively addressing their concerns. We offer regular parent teacher conferences and child assessments, as well as observations, resources, referrals and advice from infancy through preschool.