Sun Protection Policies

In summer, we are very aware that exposure to sun can be harmful to our children. We have stringent sun protection policies, which are distributed to parents and staff in early April. . We also apply sunblock to all children over six months old whose parents give us written permission to do so. Babies wear sun hats and are kept in the shade. We encourage the use of hats and lip balm for further protection, and all of our playgrounds have shaded areas. We use water play to help keep the children comfortable on hot days.

Sunscreen Lotion

  • We will apply parent supplied sunblock to all children over six months old unless otherwise instructed by parents (in writing). We cover all exposed parts of the body – not just the face.
  • Staff is encouraged to reapply it every 2 hours that a child remains outside.
  • Babies too young for sunblock (under 6-months) are kept in the shade.
  • Parents may send lip balm (doctors recommend it).


  • All children must wear clothes on upper body at all times. They should wear a T-shirt (preferably light colored) during water play, which parents should send in their bags each day. Be sure that names are on the shirts! Wet shirts are sent home in a plastic bag.
  • Diapers and bare feet are O.K. outside if the child is not uncomfortable – legs do not have to be covered.
  • Parents are encouraged to send hats (with names!). The cool floppy-brimmed sun hats are best. We will encourage your child to wear it, but won’t force it.

Remember the sun protection slogan of the American Cancer Society, is:


  • SLIP – on a shirt!
  • SLAP – on a hat!
  • SLOP – on some sunscreen!