Our COVID-19 Family Handbook

  • We Are Open

    with increased health and safety protocols.

    Many things about our centers are the same as they were before this crisis. There is still laughter and learning. There is still creativity, curiosity, and inspiration! However, some things are different. To keep the children and our staff safe, we have implemented some new practices and procedures as mandated by the Maryland Department of Education and in keeping with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .We continue to monitor all of the federal ,state ,and local guidance ,and make all necessary changes to our practices to ensure everyone's safety.

    Below is a link to our COVID 19 Family Reopening Handbook (PDF version) Please pay special attention to the Excludable Symptoms page, our Drop off and Screening Procedures page, and the instructions for touch-less sign in and out using Daily Connect.

    COVID Family Handbook