How Emergent Curriculum works in the classroom…

We wanted to give you a peek into how Emergent Curriculum works in the classroom…



It all starts with a thought and the evolution of that idea.

A few times a year the Galoshes change their dramatic play areas. This is an important decision made by the classroom community. The children and teachers brainstorm and throw out various ideas on what they would  like to experience.

The children vote and  agree a castle is  what they would like in the dramatic play area. The teachers  work with the children on the design and what will go into the castle. There are several art projects that will eventually become the castle itself.
The class hops into a “time machine”   and learn about medieval times. They learn  about kings,  queens, princes, princesses, and knights. The kids learn about what they wore, what tools they used, archery, jousting, sword fighting, coats of arms and how they traveled etc. Parents bring in books about various middle ages subjects. A wonderful book called The Princess Knight is brought to the classroom. The class decides they want to do a play based on the book. The children adapt a play from the book. The teachers use the kids’ words and ideas to write the play. The children also design the tickets to be given at the performance and the backdrops. Parents help with the costumes. There are rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and eventually a play. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends attend The Princess Knight play at BCC High School. The children are proud of their performance and have learned what you can do with just an idea!